The School Governing Council


The SGC provides a forum for parents, students, teachers, community stakeholders and the school head to work together towards continuously improving student learning outcomes. SGCs provide the opportunity and the environment to:
– Develop shared responsibility in the children’s learning and holistic development,
– Encourage and facilitate effective community stakeholder participation in school improvement process focused on children’s learning and welfare.

The SGC is not intended to replace parent organizations such as the PTA/PTCA. This model of governance has the following features:
1. The cooperative role of the SGC and school staff is emphasized.
2. Management and governance are clearly separated.
3. The focus is on improving student learning outcomes.
4. The broad directions are set and monitored by the Council.
5. The school head and staff are responsible for reporting progress of SIP implementation to the SGC

Mission Statement

The participation of the School Governing Council in school practices shall be guided by a mission statement developed by the Council itself. The mission statement of the School Governing Council communicates the ground for its existence.
The Council mission statement conveys:
– The reason for its existence.
– The clientele the Council wishes to serve.
– The Council’s intention to produce in relation to the school vision

Sample School Governing Council Mission Statement:
The School Governing Council of Sample National High School seeks to collaboratively work with school staff and the entire school community in incorporating learning resources into the improvement processes of the school to ensure continuous enhancement of student learning outcomes and the students’ holistic development.

Guiding Principles

The SGC’s guiding principles are:
1. Inclusive – ensures that all voices in the school community, including Indigenous Peoples’ group, are heard and all perspectives are taken into account in the school processes.
2. Respectful – recognizes differences among its constituents and appreciates all viewpoints.
3. Trustworthy – conducts its operations in an open and transparent manner.
4. Responsible – strives to respond to the needs and aspirations of the community they serve.
5. Effective – continuously makes a difference in their students’ learning.
6. Committed – commits to fulfill their role as a link in school level governance.

The following indicators of an effective SGC may also be considered as guide for Council operations:
– openness
– transparency
– effective communication
– synergy
– continuous personal development
– cooperation and trust
– good leadership
– clear and shared goals

SGCs may establish their own guiding principles that best fit their aspirations.

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